Chicagoland and Indiana Erosion and Sediment Control Services

Erosion & Sediment Control

Our Expertise in Environmental Compliance

At Erosion & Construction Services (ECS), we're your trusted partner for Erosion and Sediment Control Services across Greater Chicagoland and the entire state of Indiana. Based in Merrillville, we specialize in expertly managing sediment runoff, protecting water systems, and ensuring environmental compliance. Our comprehensive SWPPP inspections guarantee sustainability, serving clients in the Greater Chicagoland area and throughout Indiana.

Silt Fence Installation, Maintenance & Removal
Safety Fence Installation, Maintenance & Removal
9" Siltworm Installation, Maintenance & Removal
12" Siltworm Installation, Maintenance & Removal
Inlet Basket Installation / Maintenance
Dewater (incl. four hours of pump time)
SWPPP Inspections
SWPPP Sign Installation
Concrete Washouts
Construction Entrance Installation